Teaching (via Lesson Booking)

  • How to get students
  • Please make sure to create your teaching availability after you sign up and always keep it updated.

    Once a student has booked your lessons online, you will receive an email notice from Yesway Lessons. Thus you can log into your account to view the student profile and make decisions.

    You are required to respond to student lessons booking (i.e. to accept for interview or for lessons) within 72 hours; otherwise such booking will be cancelled automatically.

  • How to set up teaching availability
  • Set up a Time-Specific Availability:

    Please log into your account → click Calendar → click Availability → click Time-Specific Availability tab. Then click or drag the mouse on the calendar table to select a time slot to create the availability there. In order to maximize the utilization of your teaching availability, we would suggest you to set up separate and specific lesson slots, such as 30 minutes, 45 minutes, 60 minutes, etc. If you set up one big slot, such as the whole morning or afternoon, you will then give the right to students to cut and choose from it.

    Or set up a Time-Negotiable Availability:

    Please log into your account → click Calendar → click Availability → click Time-Negotiable Availability tab. Then provide required information to create the availability.

  • How to get paid as a teacher
  • After you accept a student for your lessons, you will collect lesson fees directly from the student as your current practice.

  • How to request an interview before accepting students for lessons
  • Our process allows teachers to have an interview before accepting students for lessons.

    When you sign up, please make sure you select Interview is required as your preference. After you sign up, you can also change your preference for interview by logging into your account → click Profile → click Teaching Profile → then select Interview is required.

    Once you select Interview is required, students will be notified of the requirement when they are booking your lessons.


  • How and how much I will be charged by Yesway Lessons as a teacher
  • Your total cost: a one-time cost of $10 per new student you accept.

    How to pay it: simple! You just waive $10 from the lesson fees that you are going to charge the new student.

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