Yesway Score

  • What is the Yesway Score
  • Yesway Score is an ORIGINAL score system developed by Yesway Lessons to evaluate teachers. It is calculated based on a teacher’s delivered results in this subject, including but not limited to students’ achievements, students/parents’ reviews, teacher’s personal achievements/education/experience, etc.

  • How to improve my Yesway Score
  • If you are assigned a Yesway Score, a combination of the following efforts could help to improve it.

    1. Addition of students achievements;
    2. Addition of positive students/parents’ reviews;
    3. Addition of teacher’s personal achievements
    4. Advancement of teacher’s education/qualification/experience

    You need to log in your account to update your teaching profile regarding these efforts and send the related evidences to We will then verify and update your Yesway Score accordingly.

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