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  • Respond Within 72 Hours: You are required to respond to student purchase (i.e. to accept for interview or for lessons) within 72 hours; otherwise such purchase will be cancelled automatically. (For COMPETITIVE lessons, within 72 hours after the bidding period ends.)
  • Set Up Availability: Please set up your teaching availability as soon as possible and keep it updated so that students are able to book your lessons.
  • How to Get Paid: After you accept a student for your lessons, you will collect lesson fees directly from the student as your normal practice.
  • How and How Much I Will be Charged: Your total cost is a one-time $20 per new student you accept. Such $20 cost consists of: 1) a one-time flat service fee of $10 charged by Yesway Lessons; and 2) a one-time $10 discount to a new student (in order to attract more students to book your lessons). You pay the cost by just waiving $20 from the lesson fees that you are going to charge the new student.

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